Healthy Mind, Healthy Teeth

The power of mind is everything. What you think you become.

We have always heard that our mind state affects our body. But ever wondered if mind also affects our dental health? 

Our dental well being is dependent on many things like our lifestyle, hygiene habits, diet. Our dental health is also dependent on our mental state.

But this works vice versa too. Our dental health also affects our mental well being.


How Does Mental Health Affect Dental Health?


Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is the fear of dentist or dental clinic or dental treatment. This prevents one to seek dental treatment. Dental anxiety is one the leading causes of dental health deterioration. Even in need of emergency dental treatment, a person with dental anxiety tries to postpone the treatments.

A regular follow up is necessary for maintaining good dental health but dental anxiety doesn’t allow to do so.



Bruxism is the grinding of teeth at night leading to early wear of teeth enamel. One of the main causes of bruxism is stress. Bruxism wears off the outermost layer of teeth making them vulnerable to sensitivity and dental cavities.



Depression is not something to be taken lightlyu. A person suffering from depression tends to avoid personal care. Good dental health needs good dental hygiene. Depression affects one’s wish to take care of himself or herself.


How Does Dental Health Affect Mental Health?


Self confidence

A dazzling perfect smile is a tonic to self confidence. If you feel good on smiling you tend to smile more. The release of endorphins are a boost to good mood.


Good social skills

Great smile gives you the confidence to be socially active. Talking to people is more comfortable when you know that you have good teeth and good breath


Take charge of your mental and dental well being.

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