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    Oral Piercings And Oral Health

    Self expression is the dominant necessity of human nature. Oral piercings have become a form of self expression and fashion.

    Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

    Nothing is more pure, soulful than a smiling baby. Preserving this innocent smile is definitely possible. But sometimes due to

    What Is The Cause Of That Jaw Pain?

    Popping, Locking, Ticking…. These words remind us of Dance and Music.  But for someone with Jaw Pain, these words bring

    What To Know Before Getting Braces

    Getting braces was once a symbol of awkwardness captured forever in high school yearbooks. Not anymore! Getting braces has turned

    Tooth Sensitivity to Cold? To Hot? To Sweets? Read this!

    What Causes Tooth Sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity can come and go with time, and is usually caused by exposed dentin on

    What to Expect at Your Dental Check-Up

    At Your Dental Check-Up While every dentist office has their own process, you can expect some version of the following

    Does Sugar Cause Cavities?

    Is it an old wives’ tale that sugar causes cavities? Is it just an excuse parents use to scare children

    How do you prepare yourself for your next Dental check-up?

    So you did it, you scheduled your next dental check-up. Well done! Regular dental check-ups are a critical part of

    What Causes Bad Breath?

    Bad breath, we all know what it is and we’ve all been embarrassed by our own from time to time.
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