• Oral Prophylaxis

    Oral Prophylaxis

    This is also called professional teeth cleaning. Oral prophylaxis is the basic step to making your teeth healthy. This procedure removes tartar and other elements stuck in between your teeth that can’t be removed by normal tooth brushing. To keep your teeth we recommend prophylaxis twice a year. For further protection and maintenance, we will also recommend at-home oral hygiene ways and preventive treatments as needed.

    Tartar (also known as calculus/scale) formed by hardened plaque, attracts more plaque and makes it harder to remove when you brush. You can’t remove tartar just by brushing your teeth, but a dentist or hygienist removes it using specialized techniques & instruments – this is known as Scaling.Polishing helps remove stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine and makes it more difficult for plaque to stick to your teeth.We will use electric scrapers, rotating brushes, rubber polishers with special toothpastes for scaling and polishing.The main benefit of regular scaling and polishing is prevention of gum disease which in effect causes bad breath and other complications.

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