• Debunking 6 Common Gum Diseases Myths

    Do you believe that bleeding while brushing your teeth is normal?

    Do you think bad breath is only affecting your mouth?

    If yes, let us help you by debunking some common gum diseases myths

    1.Gum Disease Is Not Common

    Gum disease is very common in the middle aged and elderly population. It affects the gums and the supporting structure of teeth showing bleeding, swollen gums, bad breath.


    2.Gum Disease Is Painful

    Gum disease is one of the most silent diseases that affect the gums. In the earlier stages, gum diseases show mild signs and symptoms but never pain. Pain comes into picture only when the disease has progressed to periodontal disease.


    3.Gum Disease Affects Only Oral Health

    Gum diseases show oral signs and symptoms. But it affects many different systems of the human body.

    Pregnant women with gum diseases are more susceptible to preterm deliveries and low infant weight.

    People with gum diseases are at a higher risk of experiencing heart problems.


    4.If You Don’t Have Cavities, You Don’t Have Gum Disease

    Even people with sparkling teeth may have underlying gum diseases. This needs to be identified at the earlier stage to avoid progression of gum disease into periodontal disease. This is possible only if one has regular dental check ups.


    5.Gum Disease is Curable

    Gum disease progression can only be prevented with early gum treatments but once gum disease has progressed to periodontal disease it can’t be cured.

    The periodontal condition can be maintained with gum treatments and good oral hygiene maintenance.


    6.Only Brushing And Flossing Can Prevent Gum Disease

    Brushing twice daily and flossing does form the basis of good oral hygiene. But regular dental check ups and professional dental cleaning along with brushing and flossing helps in preventing gum diseases.


    Oral health is an essential piece of the puzzle of staying healthy.

    and treatment.

    Tobacco – An Evil With Many Faces

    What is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about tobacco use?

    Lung cancer!

    But other than Lung cancer, tobacco affects the oral structures to a great extent.

    Tobacco is available in various forms. Irrespective of the form that tobacco is used for, it only has negative effects on our body.

    Oral cancer is seen to affect tongue, cheeks, throat.

    Early signs of oral cancer include :

    -Unhealing answer

    -Red or white patches

    -Nodules on tongue/cheek

    -Burning sensation in mouth

    -Changes in colour of areas of mouth

    -Inability to swallow

    Oral cancer does show precancerous symptoms which helps in progression of the condition.

    But this is possible only if detected at the earlier stage. A dentist is qualified to note any changes in the oral cavity related to oral cancer.

    Everyone who is using tobacco habitually must make it a point to visit the dentist for oral cancer screening. Own screening is also possible and should be done every month on your own.


    Don’t let your fear stand in the way of early detection and treatment.

    Healthy Smiles With Dental Braces

    A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

    Braces can help you attain that perfectly aligned pretty smile. But that smile is pretty only if you keep your teeth healthy.

    Braces need some special tender love and care so that you have a healthy smile even after braces are off.


    Brushing Your Teeth

    Follow a two-by-two plan. Brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes. Special orthodontic toothbrushes are available which makes it possible to brush effectively and easily.


    Use Of Interdental Brush

    Food easily gets stuck in between teeth and braces. It becomes difficult to clean these spaces with a regular toothbrush. Interdental brush is recommended to clean these spaces.


    Use Of Mouthwash

    Mouthwash washes off any leftover food particles left even after brushing your teeth. Use of mouthwash once a day is recommended to keep your teeth clean.


    Follow Dental Check Up Schedule

    Regular dental check up appointments ensure that the ongoing treatment is right on track. The teeth are also checked and can be treated if any minor treatment is required. Dental treatment taken on time ensures good dental health.


    Regulate Diet

    Diet forms the basis of the health of your teeth with braces. Sticky and hard foods are to be avoided with braces. Sticky food items easily get stuck and are difficult to clean.


    Let your smile be healthy along with being pretty with braces.

    Healthy and Happy Smile go a long way.

    Digital Dentistry – The Future Of Dentistry

    Technology has evolved leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Dentistry is no exception. Dental field has advanced a lot due to recent developments. 

    This advancements in the field of dentistry is a boon to dentists and patients alike. The dental treatments have become more advanced, less time consuming, much more comfortable for the patient.

    If you have ever experienced dental impressions being made, you know the hassle one has to face. Digital scanning takes care to eliminate this hassle.


    What is Digital Scanning?

    Digital scanning is the latest technology used for recording digital dental impressions which replicate the oral structures and can be virtually viewed in the software.


    What is the difference between traditional impression making and digital dental scanning?

    Traditional impressions are recorded with dental impression materials. These impressions are then turned into dental models. This may be uncomfortable to many patients.

    Digital dental impressions are recorded with a dental scanner. The oral structures are recorded and can be viewed digitally. 


    What advantages does one have with Digital Scanning?

    Comfortable Patient Experience

    As digital dental scanning does not involve any dental impression materials, the process is extremely comfortable for you and the dentist. The dental scanner consists of a slender rod. The patient can even view the recorded impression immediately.


    Time Saving

    Traditional dental impressions need some preparations which require quite some time before they can be worked on. Dental prosthesis for which a digital impression can be worked with immediately. The dental impression is stored on the software and is sent to the dental laboratory with just a click! The final prosthesis is made earlier with dental scanning than a traditional dental impression.


    High Accuracy

    Dental materials used for traditional impressions may show some changes if kept as it is. Digital dental impression is never hampered. As there is no discrepancy in the impression recorded, the dental prosthesis is highly accurate.


    Better prosthetic results

    High accuracy of dental prosthesis gives better results. The dental prosthesis gives better fit, esthetics and function. Digital dental impressions make sure that you receive the best results.


    We live in a digitally progressive world and Elite Dental Clinic is progressing with Digital Dentistry.

    A Diabetic’s Smile

    Diabetes is a challenge that a diabetic has to rise to conquer everyday.

    Diabetes is a silent disease that affects the whole body on different levels. Diabetes is mainly of 2 types :

    1. Type 1 Diabetes : Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease which needs insulin to control blood sugar levels.
    2. Type 2 Diabetes : Type 2 Diabetes is a disease which happens because of insulin levels or quality.


    Diabetes effects are visible on complete body in various ways

    Diabetes may show signs like :

    1. Frequent feeling of being thirsty
    2. Frequent urination
    3. Weight loss
    4. Fatigue


    Diabetes affects your oral health too


    Dry Mouth

    A diabetic person produces less amount of saliva. This may also be due to certain medicines that one is taking. Adequate amount of saliva is important to maintain good oral health. 

    Denture wearers may have problems while using the denture due to less saliva. They may face more chances of having ulcers. One may need saliva substitutes to overcome this problem.


    Dental Decay

    Saliva washes off the food lodged on teeth. Due to less saliva, diabetics are more susceptible to dental decay. Surface caries near the gum line are seen very often in diabetics. The dental decay if unattended leads to dental infection. Dental infection increases blood sugar levels. Increased blood sugar levels further increases the dental infection.


    Gum Diseases

    Gum infection is more prevalent in diabetics with uncontrolled blood sugar. High blood sugar levels provide an environment which makes bacteria grow rapidly. The increased bacterial load thereby increases blood sugar levels which makes it difficult to treat gum problems.


    It is possible to get ahead of dental problems in diabetics by taking some simple precautions :

    1. Teeth cleaning : getting a regular 6 monthly teeth cleaning reduces the chances of gum diseases. The gum tissues remain healthy and help in controlling the gum diseases.
    2. Timely dental treatment : timely dental treatment will make sure that the dental problem is resolved on time before it advances to dental infection.
    3. Regular dental check ups : dental problems can be caught before they advance. 
    4. Oral hygiene maintenance : brushing twice daily, flossing everyday and rinsing after every meal will help in keeping oral hygiene in good shape.
    5. Controlling blood sugar : having controlled blood sugar levels decreases the chances of dental problems.


    Dental problems and diabetes go hand in hand but together we can be ahead of them and not let them affect lives.