Debunking 6 Common Gum Diseases Myths

Do you believe that bleeding while brushing your teeth is normal?

Do you think bad breath is only affecting your mouth?

If yes, let us help you by debunking some common gum diseases myths

1.Gum Disease Is Not Common

Gum disease is very common in the middle aged and elderly population. It affects the gums and the supporting structure of teeth showing bleeding, swollen gums, bad breath.


2.Gum Disease Is Painful

Gum disease is one of the most silent diseases that affect the gums. In the earlier stages, gum diseases show mild signs and symptoms but never pain. Pain comes into picture only when the disease has progressed to periodontal disease.


3.Gum Disease Affects Only Oral Health

Gum diseases show oral signs and symptoms. But it affects many different systems of the human body.

Pregnant women with gum diseases are more susceptible to preterm deliveries and low infant weight.

People with gum diseases are at a higher risk of experiencing heart problems.


4.If You Don’t Have Cavities, You Don’t Have Gum Disease

Even people with sparkling teeth may have underlying gum diseases. This needs to be identified at the earlier stage to avoid progression of gum disease into periodontal disease. This is possible only if one has regular dental check ups.


5.Gum Disease is Curable

Gum disease progression can only be prevented with early gum treatments but once gum disease has progressed to periodontal disease it can’t be cured.

The periodontal condition can be maintained with gum treatments and good oral hygiene maintenance.


6.Only Brushing And Flossing Can Prevent Gum Disease

Brushing twice daily and flossing does form the basis of good oral hygiene. But regular dental check ups and professional dental cleaning along with brushing and flossing helps in preventing gum diseases.


Oral health is an essential piece of the puzzle of staying healthy.

and treatment.

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