Tooth Sensitivity to Cold? To Hot? To Sweets? Read this!

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?
Tooth sensitivity can come and go with time, and is usually caused by exposed dentin on root areas from gum disease and/or receded gums. Unlike the crowns of your teeth, the root area of your tooth isn’t protected by enamel, but rather cementum. When the enamel or cementum wears away the nerves within the tooth are exposed which can cause tooth sensitivity. Common causes of erosion include:

Overzealous teeth brushing
Use of abrasive toothpaste
An acidic diet
Acid reflux disease
Excessive teeth whitening
Teeth grinding
Dry mouth

The good news? Sensitive teeth can be treated!tooth sensitivity to cold tooth sensitivity to sweets

How to Treat Tooth Sensitivity
Talk to your dentist about any tooth pain or tooth sensitivity to cold, hot, acidic or sweet drinks or foods. Tooth decay and cavities should be ruled out or treated. Your dentist may recommend an approved desensitizing toothpaste or fluoride gel toothpaste for use at home. With more severe cases of tooth sensitivity, a filling, a gum graft or a root canal may be required.

You may even want to consider dietary changes, such as eliminating high-sugar soda, fruit juices and alcohol from your daily intake. And of course, you’ll need to keep up with good oral care routines to prevent future problems.

Tooth sensitivity to cold is more than just an annoyance, it can be very painful, and may even be a sign of a bigger problem. Don’t suffer any more and make an appointment to start treating your tooth sensitivity!

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