Teeth/Crown lengthening

What is Teeth/Crown lengthening?
Crown lengthening is a procedure to address an excessive gingival display, otherwise known as a gummy smile.A person with a gummy smile appears to have short teeth. Their teeth are actually the typical size, but excess gum tissue partially covers them.
The crown is the part of the tooth that is visible above the gumline. Some people request crown lengthening for cosmetic purposes, while others need the procedure to expose decayed or broken areas of teeth.A periodontist — a gum specialist — may perform a crown lengthening to expose more tooth structure before they can fit a bridge or perform another restorative dental procedure.

Why is a Teeth Lengthening procedure recommended?
Dentists may perform crown lengthening procedures to:

address cosmetic concerns
expose cavities beneath the gumline
expose fractured areas of tooth
expose more tooth structure before they can fit a device such as a bridge

What happens during a crown lengthening procedure?
Your periodontist will perform the crown lengthening during an outpatient procedure. This means you can go home afterward. Most people receive local anesthesia and may receive a sedative as well. The periodontist cuts the gums to pull them away from the teeth, exposing the roots and bone. In some cases, only the gum tissue needs to be removed. The surgeon then washes the surgical area with salt water before suturing. They suture the gums back together, sometimes placing a bandage over the area for additional protection.

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