Teachers : The Foundation Of Good Oral Health

Kids are like clay, they get molded the way they are molded. Anything that is taught at a young age is like engraving on a stone. 

Teachers play the vital role of imparting knowledge at such a tender age. Kids look up to their teachers as role models and tend to imbibe good and bad habits.

Lifelong good oral health is possible if the oral hygiene habits are taught at a young age. In many schools, dental health has become a part of the school curriculum. Schools arrange for yearly dental checkups. Along with these check ups teachers can help by imparting knowledge like:


Brushing Teeth

Brushing twice daily is the mantra for a lifetime of smiles. Teachers acn with the help of dentists demonstrate the correct brushing technique to kids and importance of brushing


Importance of healthy diet

Kids love their sweets and junk food. But healthy diet importance can be taught by teachers with some charts, games or paintings.


Including parents

Parents can be included by arranging workshops on dental health, brushing tips in parents teacher meetings.


Importance of dental visits

Career day can include dentists coming over explaining dental hygiene. Teachers can stress on the fact how dental visits are nothing to be scared of. This will encourage kids to be stress free and excited for their dental visits.


A child with good habits is going to grow up to be an adult with good oral hygiene. Let us together build the future generations of tomorrow.

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