Food For Thought : Diet and Dental Health

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.

But Healthy food is the foundation of good dental health.


Healthy diet is important for good health but it also affects dental health.

Diet forms one of the major components that determine dental health.


Which food habits are good for dental health?

1.Fibre rich food

Plaque is naturally deposited on teeth. This plaque, if not cleaned on time, leads to cavities in future. Fibre rich foods like salads, carrots, and cucumbers help in removal of plaque on teeth.


2. Drinking Water

Food lodgement is one of the major reasons for cavities in between teeth. Water flushes out the food stuck in teeth, thus preventing cavities.


3. Eating fruits – 

Fruits provide roughage and help with removal of plaque. They keep their teeth clean. Fruits like apples provide roughage and nutrients. 


4. Limiting citrus fruits

Many people have the habit of drinking citrus drinks everyday. Overuse of citrus fruits in diet erodes the enamel layer of teeth. Limiting citrus drinks prevents weakening of teeth.


5. Limiting sugary food products –

Sugar is the culprit of many dental problems. Sugary food and drinks in large quantities cause dental decay.


Not just the food but the frequency of having food affects your dental health.


Why does frequent snacking cause cavities?


Frequent snacking harms the teeth. 

When we eat, the pH levels of saliva decreases. The environment with acidic saliva is conducive to dental decay.

It becomes difficult to keep teeth clean after every snacking.

Having three meals a day maintains the pH levels of saliva, thus reducing the chances of dental decay.


Make the right choices while not only choosing the type of food but also when you eat it.

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