Digital Dentistry – The Future Of Dentistry

Technology has evolved leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Dentistry is no exception. Dental field has advanced a lot due to recent developments. 

This advancements in the field of dentistry is a boon to dentists and patients alike. The dental treatments have become more advanced, less time consuming, much more comfortable for the patient.

If you have ever experienced dental impressions being made, you know the hassle one has to face. Digital scanning takes care to eliminate this hassle.


What is Digital Scanning?

Digital scanning is the latest technology used for recording digital dental impressions which replicate the oral structures and can be virtually viewed in the software.


What is the difference between traditional impression making and digital dental scanning?

Traditional impressions are recorded with dental impression materials. These impressions are then turned into dental models. This may be uncomfortable to many patients.

Digital dental impressions are recorded with a dental scanner. The oral structures are recorded and can be viewed digitally. 


What advantages does one have with Digital Scanning?

Comfortable Patient Experience

As digital dental scanning does not involve any dental impression materials, the process is extremely comfortable for you and the dentist. The dental scanner consists of a slender rod. The patient can even view the recorded impression immediately.


Time Saving

Traditional dental impressions need some preparations which require quite some time before they can be worked on. Dental prosthesis for which a digital impression can be worked with immediately. The dental impression is stored on the software and is sent to the dental laboratory with just a click! The final prosthesis is made earlier with dental scanning than a traditional dental impression.


High Accuracy

Dental materials used for traditional impressions may show some changes if kept as it is. Digital dental impression is never hampered. As there is no discrepancy in the impression recorded, the dental prosthesis is highly accurate.


Better prosthetic results

High accuracy of dental prosthesis gives better results. The dental prosthesis gives better fit, esthetics and function. Digital dental impressions make sure that you receive the best results.


We live in a digitally progressive world and Elite Dental Clinic is progressing with Digital Dentistry.

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