Dental Emergency? Read to know what to do

Accidents will happen at times, no matter how careful one may be.

What is important is what you do in such situations. 

Being mindful and avoiding accidents is the best case scenario but being able to handle the situation is essential. 

This makes or breaks the situation. 

Dental emergency is one such condition where accidents happen but emergency care may be the difference between saving the tooth or losing the tooth. 


The first thing to do in a dental emergency is contact your dentist and ask for an emergency appointment.

Till the time you reach the dental office, follow the following tips as a first aid.

  • Knocked out tooth

Your phone rings. It is the school calling to inform you that your child has knocked out his tooth while playing. Sounds familiar?

We know many people you have had a similar experience but unsure what to do in such a situation?

First and foremost, check if it is a permanent tooth or a milk tooth. In case of a milk tooth, visit the dentist with the knocked out tooth.

In case of a permanent tooth, keep the knocked out tooth in a glass of milk and visit the dentist immediately. The dentist may be able to place the same tooth in the socket and be able to save the tooth.


  • Cracked tooth – 

Don’t worry if you ever experience a cracked tooth. It is a dental emergency as immense pain follows immediately.

Call your dentist and visit for immediate treatment.

You can apply ice to reduce swelling due to trauma.


  • Toothache

Throbbing dental pain is one of the most painful experiences one may ever face in life. A tooth can not repair itself and hence needs some treatment to relieve the pain.

In case of dental pain, you may take a pain killer tablet to get temporary relief. But do visit a dentist for further intervention.


  • Objects stuck in between teeth

Objects getting stuck in between teeth can be very irritating. But the best thing to do is brush your teeth and use a floss to remove the stuck food particle. 

Do not use sharp toothpicks or pins to remove it. It will cause more harm than good.


Accidents do happen but it is always better to be careful.

You can take following care to prevent dental emergency :

  • Use of mouthguard – Use a mouthguard while playing sports is essential. 
  • Use of helmets – Helmets protect one’s head and face during accidents
  • Regular dental check ups – 6 monthly dental check ups decreases the possibility of toothache.
  • Brush 2 times a day and rinse with water after every meal.


Taking measures to protect your teeth is the most ideal situation. But knowing what to do in a dental emergency can save your teeth.

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