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    Meet The Team

    We have a team of professional dental experts who are highly qualified and trained with multiple years of successful experience in running dental practices. The clinic has the best next generation dental equipment with cutting edge technology, which can perform all types of dental procedures with accuracy, without pain & trauma, at par with the global standards. Over the years, we have brought together and empowered the best talent in the Dental field under one roof, in one team to provide you with the best dental care you deserve. We are glad to bring smiles to you and your family, whether you need a smile design, an implant, a root canal or just whiter teeth, members of our dedicated professional team are always geared to match your needs.

    Dr Sujit Bangera

    Dr. Latha Sujit Bangera

    Dr. Ruhi Kashmiri

    Dr.Vasudha Reddy

    Dr. Sufi

    Dr. Deesha

    Dr.Hasnein Rashid

    Catherine narly nicholaus

    Catherine peter telesphory

    Chitema john daudi

    Augustus oscar

    Zuhura Rahsid mbena

    Hitakshri Bamania

    Amina rashid mbena

    Abushi rashid mbena

    Babylucky magombe

    Adam abdulkadir

    Festo constantine mbondo

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