Understand the cosmetic teeth whitening options before choosing one.

December 10, 2015 Teeth Whitening 0

Understand the Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Options Before Choosing One

Teeth whitening are a popular and common cosmetic procedure preferred by those, who are self-conscious about their stained teeth. If you smoke or drink dark colored liquids regularly, the natural ivory colored teeth will be stained. Years of neglect will result in stained teeth that definitely dig at your self-confidence. In order to have the brightest smile possible, you have to ensure that you use proper teeth whitening methods. The DIY teeth whitening kits that promise you pearly whites are either ineffective or highly abrasive resulting in sensitive tooth and pain. The best way to whiten your teeth is to visit a Tanzania dentist and explore the in-office whitening procedures.

In-office treatment provides best results

If you want real results, you should go to a dental clinic in Dar Es Salaam to get one of the in-office teeth whitening procedures. The dentist will analyze the condition of your teeth and recommend the best whitening procedure. Depending on the procedure you choose, you may have to spend a few minutes to an hour at the dental office or take the custom made teeth whitening kits to your home for use every night. Getting teeth whitening done by a professional Tanzania dentist provides better results. You can get your teeth whitened faster without any risk.

Before beginning to bleach your teeth, your dentist will perform additional steps to ensure safety. A protective gel is first applied to your gums, so that your gums are not affected by the bleaching agent. Then a powerful bleaching agent, usually a gel containing hydrogen peroxide is carefully applied on the teeth directly. The whitening process takes some time, but your dentist can hasten it with the use of special light or laser light. This light is carefully directed at the chemically coated teeth, so that the whitening product soaks effectively.


During the teeth whitening procedure at the dental clinic, the whitening gel will be reapplied every 15 to 20 minutes. The dentist will also keep checking how well your teeth are responding to the whitening treatment. If necessary, changes will be made to the concentration of the whitening gel during the course of the procedure. Once the treatment is completed, your teeth may lighten instantly by two to three shades. If you have severely stained teeth, effective whitening procedure can result in teeth brighter by as much as eight shades.


People hesitate to visit a Tanzania dentist for teeth whitening because they are worried about the cost of the procedure. It is certainly expensive than DIY home kits, but the results are much better and the process is completely safe. Rather than buying over the counter products, you can rely on the expertise of the Dar Es Salaam dentist and get customized whitening procedure for your teeth. If you are not happy with the shade of whiteness achieved, your dentist may suggest to you to repeat the procedure after a few days. However, you should ensure that you choose the best Tanzania dentist, so that you are not ripped off.