Modernizing Dental Impressions with an Intraoral Scanner

May 3, 2019 Digital Impressions 0

Digital impressions have many benefits over traditional impressions as the intraoral scanner has made impression taking a more accurate, faster process that saves time for the patient and dentist, with minimal discomfort, less mess, and enables patients to have a better understanding of their treatment options.

Understanding the state of your teeth and gums is easy when a clear, detailed image is available. Suggestions for improvement and additional care are more easily explained, understood and followed when patients can see the current state of their teeth.

A process usually carried out with trays of silicone putty or alginate, is now replaced with a small, handheld device that captures accurate 3D digital images of patients’ teeth. This tool allows dentists to easily maneuver within a patient’s mouth, providing a clear view of difficult-to-reach problem areas. A quick scan of an individual’s mouth provides full colour, high-resolution images.

Ultimately, this modern process is much more streamlined and comfortable, creating digital dental impressions is surprisingly quick and simple.