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Elite Dental Clinic – Using Digital Impressions in Tanzania

December 10, 2015 Uncategorized 0

Elite dental clinic is using the product by Cerec Sirona Connect. This product has taken the world of digital impressions to an all-new level. This product has offered flexibility to our dental work and procedure, which has opened a whole new world in digital dentistry for our patients. It’s an open data system. Apollo-di is a one-of-a-kind camera, which is light-weight and simple to handle, hence movement of this camera is easy within our clinic and all our dentists are well-versed in it. Impressions can never fail, as it has the following advantages:


  • It eliminates the entire process of making a physical impression-Taking physical impressions can turn out to be a strenuous activity for the dentist, as well as his or her assistant and not only that-moreover stressful, uncomfortable and sometimes traumatic for the patient, especially if the patient is old.

  • Digital Impressions are very impressive, as it gives the dentists at Tanzania dental clinic a chance to evaluate their work on a 19-inch monitor. They can make any changes very easily, before sending it to the laboratory and hence is the best teaching tool. Being able to watch the impressions on a big screen helps our dentists to become more and more better at their restorations, which is in your favour.

  • The screen image and a physical impression has a lot of difference, as in the case of a digital image, our dentists can ensure that complete data is provided before sending the impressions to the lab. Whereas in the case of a physical impression, all areas can’t be seen well and hence there are chances of missing out on some aspects of creating the Impressions to perfection. Of course, every dentist believes that what he or she sends to the laboratory is what is called perfect impressions, but according to Dr. Gordon Christensen that’s not true, 50% of impressions are known to not show the entire margin for preparation. This, he had reported in a report come out in 2005. When the impression is displayed on a 19-inch monitor, it can berotated numerous times for accurate details, which is quite not possible in an impression taken physically.

  • The accuracy of the bite registration, mounting and the firmness of the dies makes a perfect model with the help of a digital impression Tanzania for the lab technician-that he’s able to make an incredibly accurate occlusion and an exceptionally marginal fit, which is what a patient wants.
  • Immediate and long-term benefits are achieved through a digital impression- This is possible, as the dentist in this case can obtain a proper occlusal reduction as he/she can view the impression on the screen. In the beginning when the bite registration is taken and the final impression of the patient’s teeth is scanned, a virtually enunciated model of the entire preparation is visible on the screen. The system will also indicate in colour, if any areas with inadequate reduction is present. Hence, with this technology, it’s highly impossible for a dentist to send an inadequately prepared impression.

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